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Posté le 1 Août , 2017

Fête annuelle au Christ Nagar International School Trivandrum Kerala 2017

Voici une récente vidéo de la fête annuelle de nos amis du Christ Nagar International School .Bon visionnage!   Christ Nagar International School inaugurated its annual cultural extravaganza Thrill CNIS. The day was also blessed with the Grandparents’ Day Celebration and Girls’ Cell inauguration. We were privileged to have as our Chief Guests, renowned Playback Singer and Composer Mr. Hesham Abdul Wahab and Ms. Rekha Ratheesh, Cine Artist. Mr. Wahab was honoured to be in the midst of the Christ Nagarians as he holds a close connection with Christ Nagar group of institutions. He also adorned the morning with his melodious voice. The audience was enthralled by the performance. Ms. Rekha Rathesh was also seemed to be very happy as she is also a parent of the Christ Nagar International. Another main highlight of the day was the Grandparents’ Day Celebration. It also marked the inauguration of the Girls’ Cell. The elderly grandparents were honored and the audience was dumbfounded to witness them singing in melodious tune. The meeting...

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Posté le 13 Oct , 2016

Onam celebration of Christ Nagar International School

Ci-dessous un lien vers une vidéo de Christ Nagar School à Trivandrum dans le Kerala. Une école plusieurs fois partenaire des projets de Namasté I.N.D.E., où la formation est d’excellence et où le lien avec la culture de l’Inde reste forte....

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